The NEW Guy

Meet 'Morning Glory'

1971 Chevrolet C/10 Step Side

Acquired in December 2015

First shot with all four new wheels on the ground

Quite a RAKE until I add the 6" rear drop.

Starting the Rear 6" drop. All Setup

Start by removing the rear shocks.

Installed the front cap spacers. MUCH better !

One more coat and the Rear Drums will be ready

The old coil springs are really a challenge. The spring capture on the lower passenger side is completely eaten away.

Not sure exactly how to approach getting these out. Looks like a HOT WRENCH !

After much cutting and groaning we got the Coil Springs out.

Cutting and chiseling of rivets and the new upper shock mount is in.

Finally got the 6" rear drop 99% finished

Still need to secure the lower coil spring anchors and finish the rear shocks


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