The NEW Guy

Meet 'Morning Glory'

1971 Chevrolet C/10 Step Side

Acquired in December 2015

Front tire Sizes

Rear Tire Sizes

Finally all done with the 4/6 Drop !!! I LOVE IT !

She has a real nice little attitude now.

Went to the exhaust shop to redo from the mufflers back after the rear drop.

After changing the upper Control Arms (I had them reversed), wheels now more centered in the wheel well. Truck is still jacked up no weight on wheels.

Finally got the License Plate bracket-third-brake-light-backup-light wired and working

Now the Backup Light

Brand New WV State Inspection sticker GLOWING, first day At WORK !!! So Proud !

Can't hardly wait. Ordering carpet today, but these seats will fit perfectly !

Setting the new carpet in place and trying the new seat covers

New Carpet and Covers from Passenger side.


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