The NEW Guy

Meet 'Morning Glory'

1971 Chevrolet C/10 Step Side

Acquired in December 2015

May 28, 2016 'Morning Glory' and 'Iris' move into their new home.

Got the Springs and Spindles for the pesky Ball Joints

Amazing what a little persistance and a ball joint press can do. Old Ball Joints out !

YES ! I got BOTH sides OUT !

Working with the new DJM Upper Control Arm. This is the FIRST Mock up

Saturday Morning and it's going back together. Need to Grease the ball joints, replace the outer tie rod ends install rotor and brake calipers

Still with 15" tires til next week, But HAD to see how she looks

I've still got to do the 6" drop in the back, then 17" front and 18" rear wheels.

They're HERE !!! The new Coy C-5 Gunmetals. 17 " Front and 18" Rear

FINALLY got the 4" Drop finished and put the Coy C-5 17" wheels on. I Like it !!!

Gotta Call Coy's Monday About this Center Cap issue.


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