The NEW Guy

Meet 'Morning Glory'

1971 Chevrolet C/10 Step Side

Acquired in December 2015

Got Morning Glory turned around and headed in the right way

Fresh built 700R4 finally got here....

This was absolutely the filthiest engine I've seen. From the valve cover down it was actually CAKED in grung.

We've already pulled the brakes and steering column getting ready for the power steering and power brakes conversion.

We used a chain fall to pull the engine then rolled the truck out of the way.

After scraping with putty knives, about 3 cans of gunk, and three power washings, it's finally getting to where we might work with it.

Yet another power wash. I've ordered new valve cover and side plates already.

Yes, this IS the same motor we pulled out last Saturday !! Still a ways to go, but MUCH improved !


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