The NEW Guy

Meet 'Morning Glory'

1971 Chevrolet C/10 Step Side

Acquired in December 2015

01/13/2016 First Day moving into the working garage

As we proceed we'll be turning her around a time or two

Ordered the new Gauges. There will be a 3 3/8 Tach in the center hole. Speedo will not have tach as shown here

Now I have Morning Glory up in the air some, it's time to ....

Working on removing the overload springs first

Finally got the Cotter pins out of the castle nuts

Well, Parts accumulation is going nicely, Drop the front 4" and rear 6", Power Steering, Power Brakes, Switch to automatic Floor mount trans, Completely rewire the truck.....etc, etc,etc

Went out to turn the truck around, but there's still about 3" of ice in front of the working garage from last weekends snow event. It's nearly 70 degrees today, guess I'll move it later this week.


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